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Kwok Mang Ho, born in 1947 in mainland China and grew up in Hong Kong, experienced Art life in New York for 15 years, returned and settled down in Hong Kong since 1995. His “Frog Fun Dimension”, focusing on the ideas of “Time as Art”, “Art as Play”, audience interaction/participation and improvisation, Kwok would like to show/perform “9 Million Works”, “Frog Fun Lum”, etc. During the exhibition he always improvises with the viewers and produces a “One Second d body Installation’ and a “One Second Live Art”.

Kwok has produced numerous performances, sculptures, paintings and installations in over 3,000 art events all over the world since 1967. He has won several awards, including Hong Kong Arts Development Council Emeritus Fellowship in 1998. He started the “ Frog King Kwok Museum” project in 2001.

In the late 1970s, he started to transform plastic bags into arts objects by connecting them in circles to establish a 3-dimention installations in an open space in Toronto. His daring art performances to tie plastic bags in Tiananmen Square and Great Wall also shock the conservative contemporaries.

As a multi-media artist, Kwok received his art training at the Fine Art Grantham College of Education Hong Kong (1967-1970), and furthered his studies in the extramural courses of the Chinese University and the University of Hong Kong (1968-1973). He also pursued overseas studies at the Art Students League of New York (1980-1984).



Fine Art Grantham College of Education Hong Kong

1968-73 Chinese University and the University of Hong Kong Extramural Studies Department, Hong Kong
1980-84 Art students League of New York, New York

Professional Experience


Stage Designer Experimental Cantonese Opera Association (Hong Kong)

1971-76 Principal Art Teacher New Territories Heung Yee Yuk Y.L.D.S.S. (Hong Kong)
1977-80 Lecturer The Design Department of the Hong Kong Polytechnic
1982-84 Curator Kwok Gallery Community Art Shows (New York)
1984-91 Visual Art Director Yomoma Art Inc. (New York)
1985-91 Wearable Art Designer Kwok Art Accessories (New York)
2000- Advisor Art Focus – Joint School Art Exhibition (Hong Kong)
2001- Director Kwok Museum Project – Cattle Depot Artist Village (Hong Kong)
2002- Director Kwok Art Institute (Hong Kong)
2003- Art Course Teacher Hong Kong Polytechnic University Student Union



Year of Entry (Founding Member)


Chief of General Affairs




(the 15 th)

郭孟浩, 1947年生於廣東,香港長大,遊藝紐約十五年,於 1995年返港定居。 他的 “趣蛙尺度 ”集中探討 “時間即藝術 ”、 “藝術即遊戲 ” 的意念,強調觀眾的參與、互動及即興創作,郭希望可以同時演出 “九百萬件作品 ”,“趣蛙林”等等。展覽期間,他經常與觀眾一起即席創作 ,製造“一秒身體裝置”及“一秒一生藝術”。

郭孟浩作品無數,自 1967年起在全球超過 3,000項藝術活動中表演,展出畫作、雕塑和裝置。他曾獲頒香港藝術發展局視藝成就獎( 1998)。 2001年展開 “蛙王郭博物館”計劃。


郭孟浩是多媒體藝術工作者,畢業於香港葛量洪教育學院美術專科員 (1967-1970), 後受業於中大及港大校外進修部課程 (1968-1973)和美國紐約藝術學生聯盟 (1980-1984)。

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