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Kwok has produced numerous performances, sculptures, paintings and installations in over 3,000 art events all over the world since 1967. He has won several awards, including Hong Kong Arts Development Council Emeritus Fellowship in 1998. He started the “Frog King Kwok Museum” project in 2001.

「蛙王」郭孟浩在四十年藝術生涯中,從事繪畫、雕塑、裝置,以及觀念、即興、行為藝術等超過三千項活動。他的藝術行為每每出人意表,在世人眼中他是一個行為怪誕,甚至近乎瘋癲的人。 「我是下一個世紀的藝術家,因為我的藝術走在時代前端,現在的人無法理解。」

Kwok Mang Ho , often dubbed to be the most eccentric and unconventional Hong Kong artist, devoted the past 30-year in pursuing his art and having them extended to his companions and the public.

With wide creative range…
Kwok is talented in transforming any space into an installation almost intuitively. However, his artwork covers a wide creative range, including painting, sculpture, environmental installations and video installations, to happenings and performances. While often labeled as contemporary arts fanatic, Kwok has a strong foundation in traditional arts such that Chinese ink ages and calligraphy are his specialties.

Undoubtedly, Kowk is the pioneer of unconventional arts in Hong Kong early in the 70s. While most other artists were working on the realist tradition in Hong Kong, he was working with installation, performances and other forms of art that are unheard of in the 70s and 80s.

His art style…
The sense of unbound freedom with chaotic expressions and spontaneous spirits is fully reflected in Kwok’s works, which bring about a very unique personal style in the art community.

Plastic bags, fire, rotten eggs, steel, burnt plastic pipes – all become his raw materials of sculptures or installations. Professing in the making of installations, he goes beyond it by spinning materials through in the established space, as spontaneous as a spider spinning a web. This is often understood as forging a connection between Kwok and the audience and amongst the audience.

Why King of the Frogs ?
One may have strong curiosity regarding the “art name” of Kwok – Frog King – which is sometimes more familiar than Kwok’s real name in the public. The frog theme is one which reappears all the time in Kwoks arts – the frog-eyes shape in his calligraphy, his Froggy Glasses Project, even the crown-shaped pattern and his mountainous Hong Kong skyline – all strongly communicating a sense of association between his art and frog. Since then, frog and Kwok’s art simply becomes coexists and becomes the symbol of Kwok Mang Ho.

「對我而言,藝術就是生命,生命就是藝術。」—— 郭孟浩






何謂「蛙王」 ?

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